How To Join SAM 72

Thank you for your interest in the Society of American Magicians! Becoming a member of SAM has many benefits. On the national level, SAM benefits include the MUM (SAM’s monthly magazine), invitation to the SAM National Convention, access to SAM’s film and tape library, optional general liability insurance, the Houdini Fund (financial aid), the SAM College Scholarship Fund and more. You also receive additional benefits by joining our local Assembly, SAM 72. These include monthly meetings, sharing magic with peers, special events, performing opportunities, discounted magic lectures and access to the SAM 72 magic library, among others.


To join the Society of American Magicians (SAM) and the Sacramento Area Magicians Assembly 72, a candidate must apply and be accepted at the National level and also be accepted by the Assembly. Here are the easy steps to do it:

SAM National Membership Application:

  1. Obtain an application form at an Assembly meeting or from the SAM website and complete it.
  2. Bring the completed application to an Assembly 72 meeting and two members will complete the “Sponsor” area of the application form.
  3. Mail your application and an application check made out to “SAM” for $65.00 to SAM’s National Office. Your $65 application fee which includes the first year National membership dues of $50.00 and a $15.00 initiation fee. In subsequent years, the annual National dues will only be $65.00.
  4. After reviewing your application, the SAM National Office will print your name as a candidate for membership in two issues of MUM.
  5. When Assembly 72 receives your National membership packet from the SAM National Office, we will present it to you at the next regularly scheduled Assembly meeting. The packet includes a SAM membership card, a SAM pin, and additional information about your membership benefits. Once this step is completed, you will be a new member of the Society of American Magicians! Congratulations!

SAM Assembly 72 Membership Application:

  1. A candidate’s National application also serves as the Assembly 72 application. Until SAM National has accepted you as a new member, you will be considered a “Prospective Member” with the Assembly and are welcome to attend all Assembly meetings and events.
  2. Before being accepted into the SAM 72 Assembly, you need to demonstrate your interest in the magic arts by performing an effect for the group or making a presentation related to your interests in magic (for instance, the history of magic or your collection of memorabilia). You may complete this step as soon as you have applied for membership or wait until the Assembly receives your membership packet.
  3. Once your National membership packet has been received and you have demonstrated your interest in the magic arts, the Assembly membership will vote to on whether or not to accept you into Assembly 72.
  4. After you are accepted as a member of SAM 72, you need to pay our local dues. The yearly dues for Assembly 72 are $20.00.
  5. Should you ever have any questions, you can always contact any of the Assembly officers listed in each issue of the Magic Flash. You will find their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses in every issue of the newsletter.

Welcome to SAM Assembly 72!!